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Dave’s blog

I Sold You So

I got a courtesy call from a Dell salesman to follow-up on a $2,000 laptop I’d recently purchased.  He introduced himself, “Hi, this is Jim, the guy who sold you the laptop – how’s it going?”


I don’t want to talk to a guy who thinks he sold me something.  Jim should have called and said, “Hi, this is Jim, from Dell.  How’s that great laptop you chose treating you?”

I’m the customer.  Make me feel like the smart and successful part of the transaction.

Is easy creativity, “cheapened” creativity?

Andy Warhol created the famous Marilyn Monroe montage below.  It probably took him a while and I’m sure the original is worth millions.

I created this montage of my dog Ziggy in 20 minutes using a filter on my Pixel 2 phone and PowerPoint.

Has easy creativity “cheapened” creativity? 

No, I don’t think technology is narrowing the gap between real talent and tech-stimulated creativity.   Technology is enabling those of us not making a living as artists to be able to enjoy being creative without a steep learning curve.  “Ziggy Warhol” was fun to make, and now fun to write about.  I don’t think Andy Warhol, if alive, would feel threatened.

What good is relaxing when I’m stressed about it?

I’ve been getting more done, a LOT more done, stimulated by the book, Deep Work, which has encouraged me to work in pockets of focused time. Now I’m thinking about how to use a bit of the time gained to relax.   


When I relax, I’m haunted by the feeling that I am wasting time while being unproductive.  

This is truly disappointing. When I was working all the time in a disarray of unrelated tasks, I had less guilt about being unproductive because I was busy. True, I was frustrated at how little meaningful work I was accomplishing, but at least I was working a lot. 

Yes, this conundrum is idiotic. I live in Colorado to enjoy my life!  My tagline is Live – Work – Love Colorado.™  I’m working on this (see photo). It’s a process.


Talking About Life with Santa Reminds Me to Connect

Santa was about to close-up for the evening at the mall. No kids in line so I asked him if I could take a selfie with him. He said, “Sure.”

After I took the picture, he said, “It’s been a long day. Stay and talk with me.” So I did. We talked about his role in the world and our families.

It was strangely surreal and gratifying, and I’ve thought a lot about it – about why, knowing the circumstances of Santa’s appearance at the mall, I was so struck by my time with him.  Here’s what I’ve come to think about that:  he had spent all day having brief and superficial conversations.  He wanted a deeper human connection, and I was the object of that desire – that touched me and made me feel special.  It made me feel drawn to engage.

I’ve referred a lot recently to my belief that social media is distracting us from deeper human connection and my conversation with Santa is a great reminder.  In business, in life, people crave deep connection. Remember Dale Carnegie’s timeless How To Win Friends and Influence People?

P.S. I was so engaged in the conversation that I forgot to ask him for anything! 


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