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“You have to meet all of today’s performance requirements… then of course greatly outperform on others – that’s the justification for adoption.”

Doug Campbell, CEO, Solid Power

Solid Power is a “technology transfer” business with science that originated at CU.  Solid-state batteries are 50% more efficient than current lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles and other products.

I wanted to get a better understanding of Solid Power’s technology and learned that the battery business, even the newer solid-state battery business is more competitive than I’d realized, and even more wildly expensive to get into.  Doug Campbell explains Solid Power’s focused strategy: develop and then manufacture the solid-state POWDER electrolyte that is the critical substance inside of solid state batteries, and sell that powder to the many companies building batteries for electric vehicles and other applications.  Doug is a dynamic entrepreneur, and you’ll enjoy this interview.

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