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What Guests Are Saying

"Excellent insightful interview! Happy to share our Smashburger perspective! And yes….you can quote me!"


"Thank you for being a thoughtful and inquisitive host, Dave. Your style made for a conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed."
Josh Freed
CEO and co-Founder, Proximity
"Dave was thoughtful, inquisitive and kept the conversation flowing. I had a blast talking about growing a business in Colorado!"
Franz Garsombke with Terry Wickland
"Great interview! Thank you for the opportunity. You do an amazing job keeping the conversation on point and interesting."
Joe Oltmann
CEO, PIN Business Network
"What Dave does for small business owners, providing a platform for them to tell their story, is at the heart of what starting a business in Colorado is all about. Making meaningful connections and supporting others truly inspires us to achieve greatness."
Pete Jokisch
"I had a blast with Dave on Pro Business Colorado. He asked thoughtful questions and had really done his homework on his guests."
Melonie DeRose
Empact Bars
"Dave was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!"
John Levisay
"Sincere thanks to Dave Tabor for such a thoughtful and thought-provoking interview about the B Corporation movement and using business as a force for good today. You are doing great work to support innovation and good business in our great state!"
Kim Coupounas
"Programming that connects Coloradans with the innovators, changemakers, and value creators of the Colorado business community needs much more attention like Dave’s program."
"We hope that the quality of the product that Dave is producing becomes more well known. He is providing a great vehicle for the Front Range business community."
"It’s gratifying to be recognized within the Colorado community by being on Dave’s program, to share stories and lessons learned in our business; especially knowing that by sharing with the Colorado community, it invigorates the collective entrepreneurial spirit that is so special in this state."
"I loved the interview and Dave’s interview was an effective and super-fun way to talk about how business can change the world for the better -and to spread Yippiekiyay’s message about Empowering people through nonprofits!"
Christian LeFer
"Had a fun interview with Dave, very fast-paced and thought-provoking."
Krista Morgan
"Working with Dave is fun, informative and inspirational. He is able to integrate ideas and concepts in a lively way that sparks an engaging conversation. I enjoyed my time."
Steve Poos-Benson
Columbine United Church
"Dave’s passion and knowledge for business, entrepreneurism and the evolving Colorado landscape set him apart. He really knows his stuff and the result is a deep diving, highly stimulating, relevant show."
Eric Greene Division
VP/GM Exxel Outdoors
"I had a blast. Thank you for having me!"
"I loved participating."
"Great experience and hopefully can do it again in the future!"
"An overwhelmingly positive experience to the point where I’d welcome the opportunity to be on again!"
"Dave was engaging at each step of the way, to fine tune what he wanted to speak about, that he thought audiences would find more compelling within the theme of our business."
"It was interesting and fun. True to your words, Dave, the interview took a life of its own. We felt our message was clear, we met our objectives and in a fun format."
"Dave was fun to talk with. His energy is infectious."
"The questions were good and stayed on track, but sometimes having a more open-ended conversation can lead to more in-depth dialogue and valuable info for the audience. I know it can be difficult though with breaks and overall structure for the show."
"Dave had really done his homework on us! Impressive."
"I could’ve talked for hours…"
"There was a good conversational flow, I thought."
"Dave does a great job of improvisation too."
"They were compelling and thought-provoking questions, making the interview process a great exchange."
"Dave’s passion and incisive questions really helped!"
"Thanks Dave! It was a great experience."
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