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Dave’s blog

Totally Off Topic for the Holidays

Colorado business – I know that I should stay on topic.  I know I should have the DISCIPLINE to stay on brand, or at least on a business theme. 

But, I just can’t help myself.  It’s the holidays and I’ve been flipping through catalogs.  I feel an irresistible urge to share this gift idea for that special someone in your life who has everything, including all their fingers.  I left the 800 number in the image for your convenience so please, let me know how it works!   

Happy holidays! 

Remote Colorado: Home to Cantaloupes… and Life Saving Technology

There’s lots of recognition that Denver and the Front Range where the weight of our economy is centered.  That’s why when I recorded the last episode of ProCO360, with guest Jack Barker of Innovative Water Technologies, I felt compelled to highlight that his company is doing amazing work from its global headquarters (and only location) in Rocky Ford!  Where’s that?  Go south to Pueblo, then east and little south for an hour.   

Why Rocky Ford?  Because Jack lived near there when he built a prototype, and a building that had been sitting vacant for over 10 years was offered to him.  Now Innovative Water Technologies’ SunSpring has produced and installed over 850 solar/wind powered water filtrations systems being used by communities all over the world, preventing disease, serving emergency needs, the military and more.   Jack’s story is a great reminder that Colorado – the whole state of Colorado – is a great place for business innovation!   

AI art – My New “Hobby??”

After reading about DALL-E art by AI, I decided to give it a try.  In homage to my wife, I typed this phrase, “peaceful Iowa farmhouse in winter.”  This is what I got back in 10 seconds. 

I thought that perhaps I’d want to take up art in my later years.  As useful as an ai art engine is, and will be for me for things like blogging, it also feels a bit discouraging that the act of creating art is no longer human.  I’m going to let this sit with me for a while.  Of course human creativity can’t be replaced entirely – so what’s my next move?

Let’s Not Make a Difference

Let’s Not Make a Difference 

I had a writing teacher in 6th grade who gave me a D on a paper I’d thought was great.  Her admonition: “show the reader what’s in your mind.”  It’s true: what I’d written was perfectly clear to only one person – me.    

That lesson has stuck with me and when I hear the tagline of so many companies, “(blank) that makes a difference,” I shake my head.  “Software that makes a difference.”    “Your support makes a difference,” “Our people make the difference.” “HR that makes a Difference” (that one is trademarked by Insperity).  These feel good to the creators and mean nothing to the audience.  

If a product or service makes a difference, WHAT is that difference?   

Writing this post has me reconsidering some of the statements I’ve been making.  For example: “Colorado’s a special place for business.” What does that mean?  This has been a useful exercise, and my answer: “In Colorado, the leaders of many companies share their team members’ choice to have a life enabled by work, not consumed by it.”  

Do you think this post makes a difference?  I hope that it encourages readers to articulate specifics about what they really want to articulate.  Then it will have made a difference. 

Dave’s No-Blog Excuse

I’m taking a Masterclass on Personal Branding with Mark Schaefer.  Faced with two deadlines and only time to meet one, I’ve decided to do the class homework, rather than blog.  

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