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Does Living in Colorado Foster Multiple Personalities?

In the most recent episode of ProCO360 (“Harmony as a CEO, Author & Speaker”), my conversation is with Kerry Siggins, CEO of Durango-based StoneAge. Kerry is a CEO – AND a Speaker, AND the author of a new book called The Ownership Mindset (AND a mom).  I’ve often felt challenged by the demands of being both a senior executive at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, AND a podcaster.  Both Kerry and I have found ways to have our passionate avocations dovetail with our primary vocations.  We’ve done that by structuring our avocations to support the performance of our primary professional roles.  As Kerry puts it, she’s showing that “there’s a different way to lead a company.”

A friend, author and speaker John Garrett, wrote What’s Your “And”? Unlock the Person Within the Professional.  His thoughtful and encouraging premise is that bringing one’s whole self (including hobbies, interests, background) to the workplace enriches the company for all.  I agree, and what I’m discussing above is different.  I’m fascinated by having two or more professional lives that are interwoven such that synergy is created – both professional “lives” perform better.

Based on the now 150 episodes of ProCO360, and the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with Colorado CEOs, I conclude that Colorado’s work culture, probably more than other locations, enables those of us with multiple professional roles to mesh them together and be transparent about that with our companies and colleagues.

Jerry McGuire’s 4 Secrets to Differentiating – Part 2 – SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Authentically align.  Show you authentically care about what your customers care about (can’t fake this).  The famous scene when Jerry McGuire shouts “SHOW ME THE MONEY” at the top of his lungs demonstrates that he gets what’s important to his client.  If he hadn’t yelled it with unbridled enthusiasm, Rod Tidwell, Jerry’s only hope for a client, would have left him.  I consider authentic alignment when I’m working with clients: if I were them (they?), knowing what I do about how my product service works, what decision would I make?  And that’s what I say: “Mary, I’ve done this a hundred times* and for clients like you, in your situation and with your goals, I’ve made some recommendations that have really worked out well.  Would you be opposed to hearing an example?  Of course they say “no,” and then I proceed with integrity, generally successfully.

* This approach I learned from Oren Klaff in his book “Flip the Script.

** This approach I learned from Chris Voss in his book “Never Split the Difference – Negotiating As If Your Life Depends On It.

Search either of these authors on ProCO360 to learn more.  I have a podcast episode with Chris Voss!

AI art – My New “Hobby??”

After reading about DALL-E art by AI, I decided to give it a try.  In homage to my wife, I typed this phrase, “peaceful Iowa farmhouse in winter.”  This is what I got back in 10 seconds. 

I thought that perhaps I’d want to take up art in my later years.  As useful as an ai art engine is, and will be for me for things like blogging, it also feels a bit discouraging that the act of creating art is no longer human.  I’m going to let this sit with me for a while.  Of course human creativity can’t be replaced entirely – so what’s my next move?

Dave’s No-Blog Excuse

I’m taking a Masterclass on Personal Branding with Mark Schaefer.  Faced with two deadlines and only time to meet one, I’ve decided to do the class homework, rather than blog.  

Reminder That Hands Free the Mind

I’ve written about this before in “Pies Make Me a Better Man” (2017) – a post that had hundreds of shares.

My recent visit with Don Egan, President of Sturgeon Electric, made me think of this topic again.  I noticed some beautiful epoxy surfaced tables in Don’s office and Don said he’d made them.  He explained that his summer passion is riding his Harley, and he wanted something to do with his hands during the winter months.  He’d discovered that doing woodwork relaxes his mind and makes him a better leader.  That made me consider my hobby: podcasting, which I love – and does not relax my mind.  I realized that I need to spend more time immersed in a hobby that both refreshes my mind and yields a product that feels gratifying.

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