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What Listeners Are Saying

"Dave Tabor has been on point since starting PROCO360. His passion for his niche is clear in how he gets right into the meat of the podcast quickly whereas so many other hosts take 7,8, or even 10 minutes to get to their topic and/or guest. His questions are poignant and gradually revealing like peeling an onion. And, he does so in a very engaging and conversational style allowing for a more candid conversation… I am often engrossed to the point that I can’t believe the interview is finished… Keep up the exceptional work."
Wade P.
“I enjoyed listening to the interview with Ball’s CEO… 300 million aluminum cans produced every day? Wow! Inspiring.”
John L.
“Dave, I think this is my favorite podcast yet. I literally found myself tearing up (yes, I’m that sentimental) listening to Bill Graebel describe his values and the culture he has created in his company.”
Sarah S.
“Hi Dave, I just listened to your interview with Beryl Stafford. Nice work! You are a natural for podcasting. Love Bobo’s bars so it was fun to hear more of their story.”
Pete D.
“If you haven’t started listening to David Tabor’s podcast, you should. So much insight and innovation. Always an inspiration to me. This one (PIN Business Network) is particularly good! I’m a huge fan.”
Leisa F.
"I’m glad I’m on your list for these podcasts. I really enjoy them and you do a great job!”
Jay H.
"This was an excellent interview. I loved it. I was moved by Joe Oltmann’s thoughts on failure and humility. Having been there on numerous occasions, I resonated with what he was saying. “I run from people who haven’t failed.” Great quote. Thanks for publishing this. I love your work. It keeps me fresh."
Steve P.
"Thank you for the interview with Chuck Morris. I remember the Eagles from when I was 20! You should you interview Roger Jodhson from Supertramp. I saw him in Madrid last July wonderful indeed."
Juan R.
"I enjoyed your interview with Lorena Cantarovici (Maria Empanada). You are a good ambassador for Colorado business. Your genuine enthusiasm comes through while you engage with your interview subject.”
Jay B.
“I gotta tell you- I LOVE this podcast. I think I mentioned to you that I lived in Denver from 1986-2001. I know lots of the clubs he talks about and I actually worked for Barry Fey for about 6 months so the whole thing resonates with me. Ahh the days of my youth. The podcast brought back so many memories. I saw some of the best concerts EVER during my time in Colorado. This was great! Thanks for making me feel 20 again!”
Monica P.
“I’ve been listening to your podcasts. They’re great. You have a crisp, polished voice, the writing is right on the mark, and the delivery is quite professional. Keep the podcasts coming.”
Ron C.
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