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Jerry McGuire’s 4 Secrets to Differentiating – Part 2 – SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Authentically align.  Show you authentically care about what your customers care about (can’t fake this).  The famous scene when Jerry McGuire shouts “SHOW ME THE MONEY” at the top of his lungs demonstrates that he gets what’s important to his client.  If he hadn’t yelled it with unbridled enthusiasm, Rod Tidwell, Jerry’s only hope for a client, would have left him.  I consider authentic alignment when I’m working with clients: if I were them (they?), knowing what I do about how my product service works, what decision would I make?  And that’s what I say: “Mary, I’ve done this a hundred times* and for clients like you, in your situation and with your goals, I’ve made some recommendations that have really worked out well.  Would you be opposed to hearing an example?  Of course they say “no,” and then I proceed with integrity, generally successfully.

* This approach I learned from Oren Klaff in his book “Flip the Script.

** This approach I learned from Chris Voss in his book “Never Split the Difference – Negotiating As If Your Life Depends On It.

Search either of these authors on ProCO360 to learn more.  I have a podcast episode with Chris Voss!

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