Month: June 2022

Buderflys – a Reminder That Innovation Energizes

I left my interview with Shea Gerhardt, Founder & CEO of Colorado-based Buderflys feeling energized.  There’s a contagious energy that is inescapable in the presence of a founder who with a spark of genius, followed by commitment and boundless energy, has created a game-changing product that takes off. 

My interview with Shea about Buderflys is reminiscent of those I’ve had with the founders of Popsockets, Sheets & Giggles, SkratchLabs, Alpacka Raft, and Nite Ize to name a few.  There’s something about the light-bulb moment, the trial and error, and unending energy applied to this sort of innovation.  Sure, it’s happening all over the world.  It’s seeing it in Colorado that I love the most! 

Reminder That Hands Free the Mind

I’ve written about this before in “Pies Make Me a Better Man” (2017) – a post that had hundreds of shares.

My recent visit with Don Egan, President of Sturgeon Electric, made me think of this topic again.  I noticed some beautiful epoxy surfaced tables in Don’s office and Don said he’d made them.  He explained that his summer passion is riding his Harley, and he wanted something to do with his hands during the winter months.  He’d discovered that doing woodwork relaxes his mind and makes him a better leader.  That made me consider my hobby: podcasting, which I love – and does not relax my mind.  I realized that I need to spend more time immersed in a hobby that both refreshes my mind and yields a product that feels gratifying.

Does a Nice Leader Make a Good Culture?

The most recent ProCO360 podcast episode is called “Deliberate Culture,” and was recorded with a LIVE audience watching and listening to the leaders of four Colorado companies known for having a positive culture. Recognizing that we’re in a massively competitive talent war, I wanted to explore what leaders DELIBERATELY do that creates and maintains a culture that is far superior to what might be typical (even good) in their industries.

All these people are passionate about their team members, they all seem like great leaders to work for. So how automatic is it when there’s a caring leader to have a positive culture? Here is a synthesized sample from each of the leaders I interviewed…

Anthony Lambatos, “The Coach,” Footers Catering

Alejandra Harvey, CEO of Tendit Group: “When we form a strong culture, we attract those who share our values.”

Mary Moore-Simmons, VP Engineering of AgentSync: “Difficult problems tend to be culture issues, and it’s important to include middle management in culture.”

Bill Graebel, CEO of Graebel Companies: “Seeing a new problem? Start by looking for where there is an absence of love, truth, or integrity.”

Anthony Lambatos, The Coach of Footers Catering: “Build a culture that embraces what’s HARD because accomplishing difficult things together in a fun way is the work people feel is most gratifying.”

Back to the original question: is a good culture what you get when you have a kind leader?  It’s way more DELIBERATE than that.

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