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Buderflys – a Reminder That Innovation Energizes

I left my interview with Shea Gerhardt, Founder & CEO of Colorado-based Buderflys feeling energized.  There’s a contagious energy that is inescapable in the presence of a founder who with a spark of genius, followed by commitment and boundless energy, has created a game-changing product that takes off. 

My interview with Shea about Buderflys is reminiscent of those I’ve had with the founders of Popsockets, Sheets & Giggles, SkratchLabs, Alpacka Raft, and Nite Ize to name a few.  There’s something about the light-bulb moment, the trial and error, and unending energy applied to this sort of innovation.  Sure, it’s happening all over the world.  It’s seeing it in Colorado that I love the most! 

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