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“When you’re inventing something, there’s no end in sight until you get there.”

Shea Gerhardt, Founder & CEO, Buderflys

My friend and past guest on ProCO360 Colin McIntosh (Sheets & Giggles – No Bluetooth.  Just Fabric and Elastic.) posted something about Buderflys that caught my attention. I did some research and found that this is a great story about one person so bothered by a problem that she created a product to fix it.  It reminds me of my interview years ago with David Barnett of Popsockets (Philosophy Professor to Entrepreneur Selling Millions w/Help of Teenage YouTube Stars). I am amazed that Shea was able to patent such an idea which will now stymie the likes of Apple, Bose and Sony.  Can a better earbud be one of those product innovations that will transform an industry?  I ended the interview thinking that just might be the case – and I think you’ll be wondering the same thing, ending the episode with the desire to watch Colorado-based Buderflys and see just what it accomplishes.

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