Miscellaneous Thoughts

Todyl-y In

As I listened to the final produced episode with John Nellen, CEO of Todyl (above), I was reminded of my time as founder and CEO of Tabor Interactive (so very long ago!)Tom’s impassioned statement, “…and those are the times when you can go all in… those are the 2 AM Zoom calls… it’s like what gets portrayed in the media, in TV shows… that’s REAL!” I thought, “YupI get that.”  I remember sleeping on the office floor, driving from contractor to contractor at 4 AM to exchange hard drives (the internet was too slow then), fighting to make a deadline with technology constraints pinching the productivity funnelIt sucked, and it was so exciting, exhilarating, adrenaline pumping.  I’ve been there, done 100-hour work weeks, and I miss it from time to time. It’s gratifying to reminisce, and in the memories, the suffering has faded.   


Friends, LIVE audience podcast events are SO funFood, drinks, friends, and your questions can be part of the episodeI hope you’ll consider coming to a future LIVE event!   

Totally Off Topic for the Holidays

Colorado business – I know that I should stay on topic.  I know I should have the DISCIPLINE to stay on brand, or at least on a business theme. 

But, I just can’t help myself.  It’s the holidays and I’ve been flipping through catalogs.  I feel an irresistible urge to share this gift idea for that special someone in your life who has everything, including all their fingers.  I left the 800 number in the image for your convenience so please, let me know how it works!   

Happy holidays! 

AI art – My New “Hobby??”

After reading about DALL-E art by AI, I decided to give it a try.  In homage to my wife, I typed this phrase, “peaceful Iowa farmhouse in winter.”  This is what I got back in 10 seconds. 

I thought that perhaps I’d want to take up art in my later years.  As useful as an ai art engine is, and will be for me for things like blogging, it also feels a bit discouraging that the act of creating art is no longer human.  I’m going to let this sit with me for a while.  Of course human creativity can’t be replaced entirely – so what’s my next move?

Being The Broadmoor

I know why I’ve never been involved in a business focused on world-class hospitality: it’s just too hard.  

I was fortunate to spend two nights at The Broadmoor last week and noted this worker, putting a fresh coat of black paint on a post that would have been considered “black enough” at just about any property in the world.  I mentioned this to the CEO, Jack Damioli, who responded that “it’s an endless loop – when we finish, we start again.”   

I’ve always appreciated great customer service and have strived to deliver it.  But at The Broadmoor, service is about EVERYTHING, every signpost.  That takes fanatical and relentless commitment.  I’m not making a point here really, I’m marveling.  So proud that The Broadmoor is in Colorado! 

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