Month: September 2022

Dave’s No-Blog Excuse

I’m taking a Masterclass on Personal Branding with Mark Schaefer.  Faced with two deadlines and only time to meet one, I’ve decided to do the class homework, rather than blog.  

Being The Broadmoor

I know why I’ve never been involved in a business focused on world-class hospitality: it’s just too hard.  

I was fortunate to spend two nights at The Broadmoor last week and noted this worker, putting a fresh coat of black paint on a post that would have been considered “black enough” at just about any property in the world.  I mentioned this to the CEO, Jack Damioli, who responded that “it’s an endless loop – when we finish, we start again.”   

I’ve always appreciated great customer service and have strived to deliver it.  But at The Broadmoor, service is about EVERYTHING, every signpost.  That takes fanatical and relentless commitment.  I’m not making a point here really, I’m marveling.  So proud that The Broadmoor is in Colorado! 

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