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“When you empower physicians with those test results you really are playing a pivotal role in the treatment going forward.”

Scott Hutton, CEO, Biodesix

A Test for Lung Cancer Probability

  • It took me a while in fascinated deliberation to appreciate how Biodesix’s lung cancer test “Nodify Lung” works. The reason I struggled is that up to this point I’d understood that a blood test tells one YES or NO about a particular condition – pregnant or not, COVID or not. I had to get my head around a test that provides physicians and patients with the probability that there’s lung cancer. What does one DO, what treatment decisions should one make, what should insurance pay for, what should a physician do to manage risk of malpractice... with a 15% probability that one has lung cancer? 85% probability? Scott helped me understand how what I’d thought was impossibly frustrating vagueness, is actually helpful in treatment decisions. We also talked about running a public biotech company that is losing millions of dollars as the key product is developed and comes to market. A great episode!

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