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“I believe the role of a CEO is to be that face, the smile, the heart and soul that the customer thinks of when they think about the company.” 

Adam Contos, CEO, RE/MAX

Most CEOs of large public companies, no, just about ALL of them, seem to keep their private lives, even their personal personas, separate from their public facing CEO self.  Not this episode’s guest, Adam Contos.  Adam believes in “digital transparency.”  I probed and prodded during this interview, because it was truly hard for me to believe that the CEO of a $500 million public company so easily and informally shares himself as the face of the company, using Facebook videos, a podcast, speaking engagements, and an accessible management style. Adam predicts this is the future for his peers, and he adds his perspective on the role of a leader during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 crisis we’re facing now.

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