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The aha moment was when I saw the ability for local businesses to better reach those in their community. 

Josh Ritzer, founder and CEO, Nigh Technologies

After 134 episodes of ProCO360, I tried something new: an early-stage startup introduced to me by its PR firm.  I intrigued with the mission of Nigh to support local business, and checked out the technology they’ve created, and decided, “why not?” As it turns out, Josh Ritzer is a dynamic founder who has invested $700,000 of his own money to get Nigh from concept to Alpha, and now what looks like a highly functional Beta.  Nigh is achieving tremendous results in driving profitable incremental sales to local businesses in an energizing, community building way.  I’ve become a fan!  I think you’ll enjoy this episode – and watching the progress Nigh makes.

2 comments on “Driving Profits to Local Business

  1. Frank Pompilii says:

    The Nigh business model is not only innovative, but it is inspiring …technology driving a healthy evolution!!!

    1. Dave Tabor says:

      Nigh was SO fun to have on ProCO360! Happy to see that it’s doing so well!

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