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Heartfelt, Happy People, Baked into Bonanno Concepts

December 23, 2021

“There are only so many A-players out there and we’re doing what we feel is right for the people we work with… the more of those you have around you, the more successful you will be.” 

Frank Bonanno, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Bonanno Concepts

I reached out to Frank Bonanno after I read that his Bonanno Concepts restaurants and bars (10 in total) had instituted a policy which requires all employees to be vaccinated and all guests to prove their positive vaccination status before being able to enter a Bonanno Concepts business.  Frank graciously agreed to talk about that – and the conversation went much deeper about creating a work environment that has led to 100% employment in a hospitality arena where others are struggling to maintain staffing levels.  Fascinating insights.  They can easily be mimicked – are they?  Not by many.  Will they?  You decide how likely that is.


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