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“If you love a band that’s coming to Red Rocks and you’re 21 years old, I’ll find a way to give you that time off.”  

Tom Luersen, President, CoralTree Hospitality 

This episode came together because a longtime friend, Dani Stern, now an executive at CoralTree told me over beers recently that he quit his last job to come to CoralTree.  In fact, that he’d told his prior employer, before taking that job, that if Tom Luersen called, he (Dani) would quit to go work for Tom.  Dani was EMPHATIC that the culture at CoralTree is THAT different, that special.  Of course, I wanted to do this episode!  And during it, I told Tom, “YOU CAN’T SAY IT’S YOUR PEOPLE.”  I thought he’d argue – he didn’t.  Have a listen! 

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