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“This is a once in a generation paradigm shift in computing performance… We’re all jockeying to one of the 3-5 winners at the end of the day.”

Rob Hays, President & CEO, Atom Computing

Atom Computing - Laser Tweezers Make Atoms Do Math

  • There has been a ton of talk about quantum computing - the next milestone in computing power… about how quantum computing will propel artificial intelligence and enable the solving of problems even more complex that we’ve dared to approach with today’s computing power. I’ve been intrigued, and in preparation for this episode, I watched three videos that promoted themselves as a definitive source to explain, so I COULD UNDERSTAND, what quantum computing is… they all failed – or I failed. Regardless, rather than dwell on my inadequate ability to understand how quantum computing works (although you’ll hear some of that – laser tweezers that manage atoms), Rob and I dug deep into how quantum computing will change the world.

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