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Peeing Outside is Patented, Branded

July 06, 2023

“We always had a method to capture demand… we established a waitlist of over 5,000 people.”

GG Edwards, Co-founder & CEO Gnara (formerly SheFly)

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  • Successful startup stories based on an “OMG, what a great idea!” product are always fun.  When I spoke with GG Edwards, it was a day before she was set to announce the expanded branding of what was then called SheFly – a company formed around ONE product.  Something that often makes the sharks on Shark Tank say, “That’s a product, not a business.”  So, while GG and I talked about the aha moment and then the process of creating the initial product – and that’s inspiring – we also talked about moving from a single product to a broader business, now called Gnara.   Want to try a Gnara product?  Use promo code:  GNARA360 for 20% off!

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