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Brave New Work author on HOW to Do Better

 “The main roadblocks are about ego and identity. You have leaders who are asking… What makes me important?  What makes me special?  How do I contribute to the meaning and the purpose?”

Aaron Dignan, Author, Brave New Work and Founder of The Ready

I’ve been watching for a Colorado author to feature on PROCO360 – and wow, I found a great one!  Aaron Dignan’s book, Brave New Work, was called “The Management Book of the Year” by Seth Godin and praised by many including Arianna Huffington, Adam Grant – author of Originals (and more), and Kevin Kelly, co-Founder of Wired.  Entering our interview, I had some serious curiosity about Arron’s book and we discussed them:  1) What’s different about what he advocates from what’s been urged for workplace change in the recent past? 2) Why is this approach more urgent NOW than say, 20 or even 10 years ago? and 3) HOW to make changes that stick.  Listen in!

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