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Westword’s Best Denver Podcast, 2018!

Dave’s blog

Helping Clients Win Global War for Talent from Colorado

“There are people on this planet who are wired as extraordinary caregivers… we have to identify them, and we can train them to do the very specific things customer expect of us.”

Bill Graebel, Owner and CEO, Graebel Companies

This is an interview with a Colorado leader who exemplifies building a culture based on his core values: “Truth, Love, and Integrity.”  Graebel Companies is built on a philosophy that Bill Graebel calls, “duty of care.”  Most business leaders WANT to build and lead a culture they find truly gratifying… yet haven’t really committed to doing so.  Bill Graebel will inspire you to believe you can do it, and give you ideas to help.


4 comments on “Helping Clients Win Global War for Talent from Colorado

  1. Samantha Hainey says:

    Bill is an amazing leader and Graebel is an amazing company with outstanding culture! He walks the walk and talks the talk…Here’s to the World Ahead!
    Thanks for sharing our company beliefs on your podcast!

    Yours truly,
    A very happy Graebel employee

    1. Dave Tabor says:

      Thanks – I really appreciate your comments! Dave

  2. Sannybycle says:

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. Erik loy says:

    From a Listener in Singapore.
    (Ex-Graebel Employee)

    Bill is one of the best leader that I have worked with, he leads by example and does what he believes and not just based on talks. Always supportive towards his employees.

    Because of Bill, I have always reminded myself to stay Humble, Hungry & Smart.

    Hope to have a chance to work with you again.

    Your Truly,
    Erik Loy

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