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Dave’s blog

How One Person Changed My Impression of the U.S. Postal Service 

I was at a post office in Littleton last weekend to ship a box and the line in front of me stopped because a woman asked for a roll of stamps.  The clerk had to leave his post for almost 5 minutes to GO GET THEM.  A post office clerk had to leave his station to go get (find, it seemed) STAMPS???  

Slow, inept, uncaring. 

Since my work office uses a postal meter, today I spent an hour taking 8 boxes of packages to the post office.  Why take them?  Because last year when we ordered FREE PICKUP, the post office never arrived, and my account said that they’d been picked-up as scheduled.  I decided to just take them this time, and hoping to avoid hauling 8 crates from the parking lot, through a door I’d have to somehow prop open with one foot while I pulled a dolly and tried not to touch anything with COVID on it, I stopped outside and asked a postal worker if I could borrow a wheeled bin.  He was upbeat, friendly and eager to assist, “Just back up here to the loading dock and I’ll get them from you!”  I did that – EASY – and he gave me replacement bins for next time.   

Easy, fast, friendly.  That’s today’s impression of the post office at 225 S. Broadway.  One person did that!   

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