Month: March 2021

Sell Something and You’re in Business

In my interview with Randy White, co-Founder and CEO of Wheel Pros, I was surprised to learn that when he started Wheel Pros, which in 2020 sold over 3.5 MILLION aftermarket vehicle wheels representing 30 brands, he didn’t have a real vision or much of a plan.  Isn’t a business plan the first thing one is supposed to do??  When I started my multimedia production company, I didn’t have a plan either – I had a hopeful spreadsheet that I used to rationalize getting into business.  I always felt foolish about that – and yet, many entrepreneurs much more successful than I, also started without much of a plan. Michael Dell had no plan to create a public company worth billions – he just started building superior PCs in his dorm for people who wanted to buy them.   

Randy White’s Wheel Pros has been a HUGE success, admittedly without a plan or even a vision.   What do Randy, Michael Dell, and countless successful entrepreneurs who started without a plan have in common?  They knew exactly how to get a product they were passionate about to the customers who would buy them.   

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