Month: July 2022

“Plan C” Gets the Job Done in a World of Talent

The most important rule for building a podcast audience:  CONSISTENCY.  Tuesday I was up against a deadline to get my most recent podcast edited so it could be released on schedule Thursday morning, 8AM.  Colorado-based Mike, my go to guy, had a family commitment for a couple of days.  My steady “Plan B” guy – tied up.   

I had to get the work done fast so I posted on Upwork… and I didn’t wait for people to reply – I invited seemingly qualified candidates in the U.S. and around the world to the job.  Al in Portugal raised his hand within 10 minutes, and he delivered great work in 24 hours.  The world is full of talented people eager to earn some money doing good work!   

Friends and Supporters Work to Deliver Gratitude

When ColoradoBiz Magazine runs the annual “Best of Colorado” contest, it asks readers to work to submit their selections.  Unlike ordering from Amazon or filling out an online survey, voting takes 5-15 minutes and some figuring out.  Voters need to register, login, scroll through many categories, and make the required minimum of TEN selections.   

This month ProCO360 was named “Best Colorado Business Podcast” for the 2nd straight year.  That means that more than supporters of any other podcast, you took the time, you made the effort. 

Thank you!  

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