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Westword’s Best Denver Podcast, 2018!

Dave’s blog

Ball CEO All About People, Values

“If you don’t have the right people, you don’t get it right… The human spirit wants something bigger than itself.”

Ball Corporation is a tremendous role model for our state – extremely successful, people focused, culture and values driven.  While you and I may not see ourselves as CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we CAN learn from John Hayes’s passionate style of leadership and the examples he shares.  Some great lessons and stories that will make you proud that Ball calls Colorado home!

2 comments on “Ball CEO All About People, Values

  1. Worked at Ball Williamsburg for 25 years, awesome company, I helped in making alot of cans.

  2. Never a truer work spoken. People want to belong and be part of something that inspires and drives them every day. If people don’t have a spring in their step, the company doesn’t get anything back. I always remember a very good friend and CEO of Martin Marietta Corp, said, there are three types of people in this world, there are those who make things happen, those who wonder what is happening, and then there are those who say what the hell happened. The spirit or an individual who gives and doesn’t live by a 9-5 timeline, is the person who in investing in your business and should be valued, as it shows they care and are part of where you are going. At Mindtree/Bluefin this is instilled from top to bottom and good to see Ball Corp do too.

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