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Durango company proves niche superiority wins

I love a great niche.

MUNIRevs is growing 50% a year, and is earning big-name clients, by developing a product for its niche customers and delivering exactly what they need.

“(as CEO) you can tend to want to do it all… Knowing that it was OK to make that next hire propelled us to 50% growth each of the last two years.”

Erin Neer, Founder and CEO, MUNIRevs

I am amazed at how successful the company has become, recently signing the city of Dallas as a client, offering a solution to help municipalities track short-term rental revenue, and launching a product that online businesses can use to navigate the incredibly complex obligation of collecting sales tax.  I left the interview blown-away at what I think is a tremendous illustration of the power that exists at the intersection of niche mastery and continuous innovation to meet market opportunity.  Have a listen!

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