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Dave’s blog

The Greatest Shift in Power I’ve Ever Seen is Right Now

We’re all seeing it: the tectonic shift in power from employer over employee, to employee over employer.

Workers from laborers to craftsmen to salespeople and software coders are increasingly in control, forcing wages up (I think way more than the federal government is stating) and forcing employers to change how they recruit and retain employees.  Simon Sinek’s, The Infinite Game (see What Dave’s Listening To) talks about the critical interconnectedness between an “infinite mindset” and employee engagement.

Recently the CEO of a small Colorado contractor with 30 employees told me, “I’ve adapted in the last couple of years – now I work for my employees.”  He was OK with that, feeling that he’s become a better leader.  In fact, 95% of the Colorado CEOs I’ve spoken with tell me that they’ve become more employee focused.  This is an amazing time for employees – and a time for employers to authentically lean into culture and creating meaningful work.


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