Month: February 2022

“This Isn’t Fair” Rolls Right Into Me

Lots of reports have been published about how the population has become angrier during COVID.  I tend to get resentful and indignant too.  In fact, my original draft of this post was going to blast a well-know brand for its frustrating service policies.  I’ve decided against that. 

A couple of days ago a weird thing happened to me.  As I was stopped at a light, a pickup pulling a trailer with a car on it turned next to me.  As it passed, the car on its trailer rolled off and into my car, pinning my door shut.  Clearly, the car had been improperly secured. 

Then it got even stranger: I decided not to get mad.  I took a deep breath and got out.  I was pleasant, and matter of fact, patient while we waited for the police to do their work.  

Objectively, resolving this matter puts an unfair burden on me.  It involves a 7-week wait to get my car repaired, lack of availability and adequate coverage for a rental car for that period of time, the at-fault driver’s insurance company deciding whether they are responsible to pay.  And all this falling on me to manage… I was just sitting in my car, not moving.  It ISN’T FAIR that the incompetence of someone else put all this on me.   

No, it’s not. And inevitably one day it will be ME causing this unfair burden for someone else.  Now that I’m thinking about it, my mistakes of inexperience and incompetence have hurt others plenty in the past.  Reflecting on my young self – learning how to do a new job, I made the lives of others around me unpleasant and worse.  Those pains I’ve caused were much more “unfair” to others than the experience I’m having with my car.   

Another ONE thing: Nothing

In my last post, I shared finding and focusing on the ONE thing that drives successful outcomes for me more than any other – that focus has been very powerful.  What about shifting gears away from accomplishing – to enjoying times of not accomplishing anything of “importance.”

On a beautiful snowshoe outside of Breckenridge, I got a lucky shot of my Havanese “Ziggy.” It’s a great image of being in the moment.

Lots has been written lately about Covid burnout, the need for vacation, the importance of recharging.  I am just beginning to explore the question, “How can I thoughtfully accomplish nothing so that I’m recharging?”  Can I shift my thinking about time off to believe that thoughtfully accomplishing “nothing” has value?  Don’t get me wrong – I screw around plenty, but I often feel guilty when I do.  I’m exploring how I can authentically, deep down, value being completely devoid of thoughts of the normal day-to-day to recharge. I’m finding it harder for me than work.  I must be doing it wrong.

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