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I’m thrilled with this honor from ColoradoBiz Magazine.  It’s not the Golden Globes or the Grammy’s so there’s no speech.  If there were, this is what I’d say – it’s basically how I introduce each episode.  

“Thank you for this wonderful recognition.  I host PROCO360 because I love Colorado – and I love getting to know Colorado’s entrepreneurs and leaders, and sharing my conversations with them, with you.  My guests have built very successful businesses while being collaborative, enjoying all that Colorado has to offer, and doing that with talented people who appreciate living in Colorado.”  And I’d add this: “It’s amazing – the people I meet doing this show are not just successful, and they are VERY successful – they are really very nice people – they care about our recording session, they care about their people, and they care about Colorado.  I love hosting PROCO360.  Thanks again for this award.” 

More Colorado Collaboration Cited in Success

climbers at the top of a pass with backpacks meeting the sunrise in the mountains

In the episode featuring Sheets & GigglesCEO Colin McIntosh, says that The Colorado community is literally the reason that this company exists and we try to give back as much as we can as a thank you.”  As an example, Colin shares the story of when starting the company he reached out to Chris White, the CEO of Shinesty – a Colorado company selling collection of outlandish clothing (and featuring Ball Hammocks for Father’s Day!), for advice about warehousing and shipping.  Chris offered to have Colin begin shipping out of the Shinesty warehouse to get things going.  In my last blog post I mentioned that Colorado’s entrepreneurial brand includes collaboration, and on cue, Colin McIntosh supported that in his episode of ProCO360.   

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