Month: July 2021

Colorado Tech is a Widening Web

I love the excitement about Denver and Boulder attracting tech company HQ2s, tech investment, tech jobs.  In my interview with Mario Ciabarra, we talked about the ability of Quantum Metric, based in Colorado Springs, to find the tech talent needed.  His response, “talent is everywhere!”  Some of their employees are in the Springs, others in remote offices, some completely remote.  Being based in Colorado Springs has worked – Quantum Metric just raised its last round valued at $1 Billion. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.

Cherwell Software also started in Colorado Springs – you can hear my interview with Sam Gilliland, founder on PROCO360.  John Street, founder and CEO of Pax8 (interview on PROCO360) is from Colorado Springs and started his first company there.  Proximity is based in Montrose (interview with CEO Josh Freed).  I’m rooting for more tech growth in the Springs, and across all of Colorado!   If you know someone perfect for PROCO360 who helps that cause, please let me know! 

Summer’s Half Over!

It seems that every year about this time we hear, “Summer’s going so fast!”  Yes, it is – again this year.  

Let’s remember why we live here in Colorado!  Choose an outing you really want and do it!  This photo is south of Hoosier Pass at the waterfall feeding Montgomery Reservoir.  Although we hiked about a mile to this lovely spot, you can just about drive to it.  Better views are hikes from the top of Hoosier Pass heading west from the parking lot. 

I’m Fascinated by WFH Prolonged Uncertainty

I’ve spoken with over 100 Colorado CEOs in 2021 and asked them all about returning to “normal” office function and the work from home (WFH) phenomenon.  Excepting those companies that must have employees on site to function (and “thank you” to them!), never before have I experienced an extended stretch during which there was a universal sense of uncertainty about one aspect of business – an uncertainty that stretches across business type, corporate culture, size of company, geography – even relative success.   It’s amazing to me that as we are emerging, there is still not a “best practice” prescribed.  I am starting to see some ideas that seem to be forming as better than others.  For example, while Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said anyone can work remote one day a week that isn’t Monday or Friday, another company has taken the opposite policy  – that employees need to work in the office together on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and can be remote on Monday and Friday.   

Even as COVID becomes less of a driving force in these policies, companies, particularly culture-focused Colorado companies, will be choosing policies based on the talent they want to attract and retain.  From what I’m hearing, I expect we’ll see patterns emerging after Labor Day, and still being modified at least through year-end.   

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