Month: May 2021

Can Colorado’s Brand have a CAUSE?

This is a big question.  

It came to me after my interview with Johnny Le Coq, founder and CEO of Fishpond.  Patagonia is a products company that supports the environment.  Athleta is a products company that supports the advancement of women.  Both companies are examples of authentic and effective support for a cause that aligns with customers.  Fishpond seems to go further – Fishpond seems to be coming very close to using sales of its products as a mechanism to support river conservation.   

 Image courtesy of the Fishpond website 

Johnny: “Our brand has become a voice for the environment… It’s not what we sell that I’m most proud of – it’s what we stand for.”  He means it. 

 That made me think about Colorado.  Can Colorado have a CAUSE that ultimately becomes interwoven with our brand?  That’s tough, but I think Colorado’s entrepreneurial community DOES – it STANDS FOR supporting opportunity for those who strive, collaborate, innovate, and mutually appreciate the rich lives that people wish to have in our great state.  

Colorado – Summer is Coming!

I’m so looking forward to this summer – COVID is getting under control, and I’ve already been enjoying outside brewery patios with my friend Chuck, who made a map of Denver that shows about 40 breweries that he wants to explore two or three at a time!  Our plan is to create a sort of “March Madness” bracket for those we visit and crown our champion. 

Cheryl and I are also planning camping trips to enjoy Colorado outside of Denver.  If you see the PROCO360 rooftop campmobile, and if you see me sitting in my new and amazing Stargaze chair, come say “Hi!” and have a beer! 

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