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Sell Something and You’re in Business

In my interview with Randy White, co-Founder and CEO of Wheel Pros, I was surprised to learn that when he started Wheel Pros, which in 2020 sold over 3.5 MILLION aftermarket vehicle wheels representing 30 brands, he didn’t have a real vision or much of a plan.  Isn’t a business plan the first thing one is supposed to do??  When I started my multimedia production company, I didn’t have a plan either – I had a hopeful spreadsheet that I used to rationalize getting into business.  I always felt foolish about that – and yet, many entrepreneurs much more successful than I, also started without much of a plan. Michael Dell had no plan to create a public company worth billions – he just started building superior PCs in his dorm for people who wanted to buy them.   

Randy White’s Wheel Pros has been a HUGE success, admittedly without a plan or even a vision.   What do Randy, Michael Dell, and countless successful entrepreneurs who started without a plan have in common?  They knew exactly how to get a product they were passionate about to the customers who would buy them.   


Six months ago as vaccines were in early trials, many people were rebelliously saying, “I’m not going to take a new vaccine!”  I’m struck by how the citizens of Israel accept that getting a vaccination is what needs to be done to get on with life for the good of the country and their fellow citizens.  I wish that attitude were more universal in Colorado.   

people waiting in line for vaccine concept

Still, I always suspected that for many who vowed not to take the vaccine, it would just be a matter of time before the weariness of being susceptible to COVID, the desire to be with family and friends, and a possible requirement to show proof of vaccination to get on a plane or attend a concert would outweigh dogmatic rejection.  That’s happened – as many of us are clamoring to be next to roll up our sleeve, it bugs me that for some in line the rejection of science was only overcome by the desire for a more active and convenient life.   

Move On To the Next Play

Jason Gay is a sportswriter for the Wall Street Journal.  After the Super Bowl, he wrote, “Brady plays within his limits – he doesn’t try to exert his will on the game; he will take the incomplete pass and simply move on to the next play – and maybe that’s really his secret, not the protein shakes or deep-tissue massages.”   

Simply move on to the next play – what a statement.  It reminds me of my conversation with PROCO360 guest Avrum Emakis of CLMBR.  He said, 

What I think is great about the TRUTH is that it always wins… It’s not about selling – it’s about sharing knowledge with people and letting them make a decision.” 

American football player Tom Brady for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL) takes part in a football training camp in Shanghai, China, 20 June 2017.

I told him his views are sort of like “Zen selling.”  Tom Brady is quoted as saying, “I’m pretty calm all the time,” so maybe Brady’s approach to playing quarterback is “Zen football.”  Most entrepreneurs are going a mile a minute, scrambling like some great quarterbacks do.  In a to-be-released PROCO360 episode with John Street, CEO of Pax8, John says that one way he’s matured in his leadership is that he’s thinking more and listening more.  Sure, it’s fun to watch Patrick Mahomes scramble around and he’s awesome – people love him.  Many entrepreneurs think scrambling is what’s expected and needed to succeed – and for sure, startups often need to scramble – that’s just the reality.  This comparison reminds me that staying thoughtful and focused, at least when on can, is a more mature way to win.   

COVID-Coping Products Taken Too Far

This ad for a personal sauna just cracked me up.   

I know, COVID has required us to stay home and a lot of us are investing in homebased self-care products.  I bought a Peloton bike.  It’s awesome, but I could have purchased TEN personal saunas and given them to friends and family.  I don’t have a real point here.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head at what is marketed to us and wonder, “Who buys that???”   

It takes discipline to say positive

A crazy fixation I have, and judge as negative, is when people attempt to shape the perceptions of others with denials.  President-elect Biden got the coronavirus vaccine and said, “There’s nothing to worry about.”  OK, that’s not so bad.  Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, upon not getting votes needed for re-election as Speaker during a federal corruption probe said, “This isn’t a withdrawal.”  Let’s use that as an example and come back to Biden.  “This isn’t a withdrawal.”  Really?  What is it?  Whatever – you didn’t win and you won’t.  Why deny what everyone knows – you lost.  Now people think that Madigan lost, AND he’s a liar.  What should Madigan have said?  He still got the most votes, even though not enough so maybe, “OK, my caucus is still considering its best path forward.”   

My point: stating your view as a negative is reflexive.   We want to deny – and that’s not as wise as stopping to think about how to reframe to a positive statement.   

Back to the President-elect.  With more thought was there something positive he could have said about getting the vaccine?  How about, “This is great!  I can focus on the business of the people knowing I and those around me will stay healthy.”   

Avoid the easy negative statement and replace it with something that’s truthful, authentic and positive. 

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