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Listening to This Turned My Rant to a Laugh

There is so much negativity and I’m part of it.  When I saw this ad, I had some really critical, snarky thoughts about it, as well as about other ridiculous ads that I feel are disingenuous and insulting.  I started to write a blasting commentary about the responsibility of businesses to uphold the Colorado brand of collaboration and integrity.

After writing my first draft of this post, I listened to the Brian Buffini podcast episode “You Are a Diamond,” and it put me in a positive frame of mind.  I started thinking of this post and decided I was being too negative and critical.  With a lightened attitude I saw this ad as funny – the silliness of a ONCE in a LIFETIME EVENT has been HELD OVER! by the same company whose last ad was a “Private Sale” advertised in the Denver Post.  The more I think about it, the more humorous it all is.  So?

So that brings me to the NEW point of this post: listening to something positive turned me from having a critical and negative outlook, to feeling upbeat and acting positively.  This silly ad reminded me of what so many have taught: my attitude shapes the lens of my entire perspective.    

Do you know how your gatekeeper makes you look?

Recently I received a response from a communications director that felt like this photo.

I had invited his CEO to be a guest of the PROCO360 podcast and the snooty gist of the response was that the CEO is a very important and busy man.  His time cannot be wasted, so I must first convince the gatekeeper of the merit of my invitation.  Only then might my request be added to many from the throngs of admirers.

PROCO360 is a labor of love.  I take satisfaction in NOT interviewing jerks which this CEO must be, so I sent a reply to the communications director that his CEO would not be a fit.

I later met the CEO who is a lover of Colorado and Colorado business, and he’s a nice guy.  We were having a great conversation and the PROCO360 show came up.  He said he loves the mission and he’d like to be a guest on the show.  I said, “that’s interesting – I’d ruled you OUT.”  As you’d expect, that made him curious, then profoundly apologetic.  We worked things out and he’ll be on the podcast.

Do you know how your gatekeeper is making you look?

Up Close and Personal with Patriotism, Millennials

Until really recently, I could not relate to the men and women of the military – until they retired and got into business.  Of course, I’d always clap when members of the service were announced, clapping for the vague notion that these people are protecting America, protecting us.  Really though, it’s been hard to relate because I never served, I don’t understand what it’s like to be in the military, and I don’t know why we engage in the wars we do.  When I’d say the Pledge, it felt hokey.

Recently that changed. My son became 2nd Lieutenant Tabor in the U.S. Air Force.  This was entirely his idea.  He wants to serve his country and he wants to learn lessons of leadership within a disciplined group with a common pursuit.

The young Millennials are often maligned as thoughtless and privileged.  It seems to me that helping them find meaning, and supporting them when they do, builds stronger organizations and communities.

At Dan’s commissioning (becoming an officer), I said the Pledge of Allegiance and meant it for the first time in a long time.

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